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- Unlocking Employee Engagement: Strategies for 2024 and Beyond

Unlock employee engagement in 2024! Sharebite’s holistic approach includes tech-driven strategies, purposeful work, and meal benefits.

- A Lesson From Taylor Swift: The Fight Against Food Insecurity

As Taylor Swift performs worldwide, she’s bringing a critical topic to the global stage: food insecurity.

- The Evolution of Employer-Provided Meal Benefits: A Historical Perspective

Feeding the workforce: a look back at employer-provided meal programs and its origins.

- Navigating Food Allergies in the Workplace

Protect your coworkers! Learn about workplace food allergies and save lives by understanding potential allergens and their negative reactions.

- Group Lunch Ordering for the Office Made Easy

Discover Sharebite Stations: Simplify group lunch orders at work with curated menus, customizable allowances, and convenient pickup spots.

- How to Order Lunch for Remote Employees

Discover how Sharebite can revolutionize lunchtime for remote employees. Our guide explores the simplicity and ease of use of Passport.

- How to Make Your Lunch and Learn Events a Success

Boost employee development with engaging Lunch and Learn sessions. Discover tips for accessible, relevant, and interactive gatherings!

- The High Cost of Not Feeding Your Employees

Boost productivity and morale by feeding your employees. Learn why meal benefits matter and how it impacts your workforce & brand reputation.

- Why Catering Breakfast Could Be a Game Changer for Your Business

Discover the benefits of offering catered breakfasts for your business. Boost productivity, morale, and teamwork with Sharebite!

- From Truffle to Tater Tots: 20 French Fry Styles You Need to Know About

Craving fries? Learn about the diverse universe of French fry types—whether you’re a fan of truffle fries or cheesy loaded versions.

- Redefining Corporate Catering and Office Lunch Deliveries

Revolutionizing workplace dining with Sharebite’s innovative corporate catering and office lunch deliveries.

- Why Inclusive Meals Matter: Managing Dietary Restrictions in the Workplace

Discover why inclusive meals matter in the workplace. Learn how to manage dietary restrictions and create a supportive food environment.

- Sharebite Shines Bright at City Harvest’s 2024 Gala: Magic of Motown

Sharebite shines at City Harvest’s 2024 Gala: Magic of Motown. Enough was raised for 10M meals. John Legend adds star power.

- Culinary Trends in 2024: What’s Being Cooked Up?

Discover the hottest culinary trends of 2024! From plant-based proteins to zero-waste initiatives, explore what’s cooking in the food world.

- Savoring America: A Slice of Pizza Culture

Explore America’s pizza mosaic: New York thin crust, Chicago deep dish, and more. Discover the rich history and flavors of regional pizza styles.

- Workplace Trends in 2024: Navigating the New Normal

Sharebite’s meal allowances empower organizations for workplace trends in 2024. Prioritize employee well-being and adapt to the new normal.

- Reducing Food Waste in Corporate Meals

Reduce food waste in corporate meals! Discover strategies to minimize leftovers, empower employees, and fight food insecurities.

- How Employer Sponsored Overtime Meals Can Transform Work Culture

Learn how we’ve crafted a solution that simplifies overtime meal allowances while reducing stress and fostering team spirit.

- The Food Delivery Dilemma: Unpacking the Good, the Bad, and the Sharebite

Discover how Sharebite tackles missing items and late deliveries in the food delivery industry. Transparency and efficiency set them apart!

- Employee Appreciation: More Than Just a Day, It’s a Lifestyle!

Discover how to make employee appreciation a year-round affair with Sharebite’s meal allowance benefits and other recognition strategies.

- How to Boost Employee Morale with Sharebite

Find out how to boost employee morale with Sharebite, a provider of employee meal benefits that gives back to the local communities.

- How to Find the Best Corporate Caterers for Your Office

Learn how to find the best corporate caterers for your office with Sharebite, the leading food benefits platform.

- How Sharebite Passport Can Power Your Campus Dining Experience

Learn Sharebite can create a better campus dining program for your university and how it can be used as a meal allowance program for staff too.

- How to Convince Your Leadership Team to Adopt Meal Allowance Benefits

Learn how to get buy-in at your work for meal allowance benefits and find out why they are a perk that deserves serious consideration.

- Making the Case for Ordering Lunch for the Office

Ordering lunch for the office can boost your employees’ productivity, morale, and loyalty. Learn why and how to do it with Sharebite.

- New Year, New Employee Meal Allowance Benefits

Find out why meal allowance benefits are a great way to improve employee satisfaction in 2024 and how Sharebite can help you offer them with ease.

- Sharebite: The Ultimate Corporate Food Delivery Solution

Learn why Sharebite is the best corporate food delivery option for the workplace, and how it can help you provide food benefits to your employees, while supporting local restaurants and fighting hunger.

- Sharebite Partners With Instacart to Bring Groceries and Snacks to Companies

We have partnered with Instacart to offer our clients an easier way to procure fresh groceries and tasty snacks for their offices.

- 18 Lunch Catering Ideas for the Office That Will Wow Your Team

Do you want to avoid the boring and predictable catered sandwiches, salads, and pizzas that everyone has had a thousand times?

- A Global Perspective on Employer-Provided Meals

Explore the global trend of employer-provided meals and its impact on productivity and company culture. Discover how this practice varies across countries.

- Share the Bite: How Sharebite Brings the Thanksgiving Spirit to the Workplace

Learn how Sharebite, a food benefits platform, brings the Thanksgiving spirit to the workplace by feeding employees worldwide and donating to fight hunger.

- What are the Best Snacks to Provide in an Office and Why?

Looking to find the best snacks to stock in your offices? See what things you should look out for when trying to provide convenient yet wholesome grub.

- Level Up Your Corporate Event Catering Options With Sharebite

Looking to cater to your corporate events with delicious, diverse, and convenient food options? Learn how Sharebite can handle all the various types of corporate event catering needs.

- Embracing Food as a Tactic for Recruiting Success

Learn how incorporating the power of food can attract and retain top talent and promote building a thriving, inclusive, and innovative workplace.

- Virtual Team Lunch Activities

Virtual team lunch activities are a great opportunity to bond and have a good time together, even if you're not in the same room.

- The Scariest Foods for Your Office Halloween Party

Check out these spine-tingling DIY Halloween treats for the office that will have your coworkers shrieking with delight, and maybe just a hint of terror!

- How to Order Lunch for the Office Efficiently

Choosing the right restaurants and coordinating the office meal deliveries and setup can eat up a lot of time. Find out some ways on how to do this more efficiently.

- Creating an Employee Meal Program That Your Team Will Love

When it comes to creating an employee meal program, variety, convenience, quality, feedback, and a little bit of fun can be the key ingredients to making your team happy and productive.

- How to Offer Benefits Your Employees Actually Want

Learn how to create a benefits package that truly resonates with your employees. Discover the importance of gathering feedback, setting a realistic budget, and differentiating between perks and benefits. Create a work environment where your employees feel valued, supported, and appreciated.

- Exploring the Top 10 Most Utilized Job Benefits

Let's take a look at the ten most used employee benefits, ranked from most to least used, and understand why they have become essential for both employers and employees.

- The Case For Daily Meal Allowance for Employees

Does it make sense to add a daily meal allowance to your compensation package? Find out the top benefits of adding the meal benefit perk.

- Sharebite Celebrates Seven Million Meal Donations

At Sharebite, we believe that good companies feed their employees, and great companies also feed their communities.

- Exploring the Diverse World of Dietary Restrictions

We uncover the various types of common dietary restrictions and preferences people may have and explore the reasons behind them.

- How to Prevent Being “Hangry” at Work

The power of protein, snacks, and smart beverage choices could be enough to stop that next bout of “hangriness” at the office.

- The Ultimate Culinary Guide: Most Popular Cuisines in Every State Across the USA

Curious about the diverse culinary landscape within the United States? We’ve put together a guide that covers all 50 states plus Washington DC & Puerto Rico!

- Fueling Success: The 7 Massive Benefits of Free Food at Work

The benefits of providing free food at work extend far beyond just satisfying hunger. Find out what other secondary benefits arise from free grub.

- Unraveling the Essence of Corporate Dining: A Comprehensive Guide

Uncover how corporate dining can play a crucial role in forming workplace culture and how it contributes to a thriving work environment.

- Combating Food Insecurity in the Workplace: Sharebite’s Purpose-Driven Initiative

Food insecurity in the workplace is an often-overlooked challenge that affects a significant number of workers across the United States.

- Exploring the History of Salad

The history of salads showcases a fascinating journey of culinary evolution. From the simple mixed greens of ancient times to the elaborate creations of today.

- An Introduction to Alternative Supplemental Employee Benefits

Here are some not so common benefits that are picking up steam that could help snag that next key hire and keep your top talent motivated.

- Things To Consider When Creating an Employee Meal Allowance Policy

When creating an employee meal allowance policy, careful consideration of tax regulations, labor laws, and eligibility criteria is a must.

- Are Meal Allowances a Cost Effective Employee Benefit?

Meal benefits are not just about satisfying hunger; they are about creating a supportive work environment where employees feel valued & cared for.

- Employee Meal Cards: A Convenient Solution for Workplace Dining

Employee meal cards, also known as meal vouchers or food allowance cards, are prepaid credit cards issued by companies like Sharebite for meal benefits.

- A Sneak Peak into the Future of Work

We traveled to the Windy City to join hundreds of HR, Workplace Experience, and Total Rewards leaders at the Future of Work USA Conference.

- Why the Recipe For Workplace Productivity is Lunch

Find out how you can you cultivate a culture that feeds your employees and helps them avoid burnout.

- 3 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity in 2023

To assess if your working conditions are setting employees up for maximum productivity, think about the 3E’s: Energy, Engagement, & Environment.

- What is Company Culture?

What does company culture mean, really? How does it impact your employees’ lives? And most importantly, how can you evaluate and improve it?

- 20 Easy Team Meal Ideas

Not sure what your next in-office meal should be? Here are 20 different office meal ideas to bring your team together for a delicious shared bite.

- How to Get Employees Excited About Returning to the Office

With the return to normalcy, returning the office can be a bit a struggle for some employees. Find out ways to get teams excited about returning to the office.

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