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Feed Teams, Foster Culture, and Fuel Growth

Good food in great company is an essential ingredient for employee wellbeing, team performance, and company culture. Make feel-good, do-good eating a part of your strategy to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Sharebite Solutions

Elevate Your Meal Benefits with Sharebite

Provide employees with a curated collection of meal choices from an expansive network of their favorite local restaurants—whether they’re in the office, remote or following a hybrid model.

Sharebite Passport

Put Every Option On the Table

Sharebite Passport is a flexible payment solution that provides remote and global employees with the freedom to enjoy their favorite restaurants.

Sharebite Stations

Simple and Safe Order Pick-Ups

Sharebite Stations are convenient, self-service pick-up spots that allow in-office employees to grab their individually packaged and customized meals hassle-free. A powerful tool to increase in-office attendance and retain your talent - Stations keeps everybody happy, healthy and productive.

Sharebite Dashboard

Streamlined Management, All In One Place

The Sharebite Dashboard is a smart space to view and manage your corporate account. You can assign allowance limits, view order data and receipts, track order statuses, and more. Sharebite is also integrated with Envoy, the innovative all-in-one workplace management solution that allows companies to seamlessly automate ordering based on projected attendance.

Do-Good Eating

Use Your Company as a Force for Good

Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility footprint by reducing food waste and supporting your community, one plate at a time.

Who's hungry?

Fuel Your Team with Feel-Good Eating

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