Group Lunch Ordering for the Office Made Easy

group lunch ordering for the office

If you have ever tried placing a large group order at your workplace, you know there can be a lot of issues that arise and because of that it can be quite stressful. Coordinating group lunch orders can be a logistical nightmare. From manually collecting individual preferences to managing reimbursements, it’s a time-consuming process that often leaves everyone hungry and frustrated. But fear not! Sharebite Stations offers a streamlined solution that transforms lunchtime chaos into a breeze.

What Is Sharebite Stations?

Sharebite Stations is a game-changer for office lunch ordering. Designed exclusively for companies, it simplifies the entire process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Curated Menus: Employees order from a rotating list of local restaurants. The variety ensures everyone finds something they love.
  2. Customizable Allowances: Set spending limits for each employee. No more overspending or awkward conversations about who owes what.
  3. Convenient Pickup Spots: Meals are delivered directly to the office, ready for pickup at designated Sharebite Stations. No more waiting around or missed deliveries.

Why Sharebite Stations Is Ideal

For Employers:

For Employees:

Social Impact

Beyond convenience, Sharebite has a mission to tackle food insecurities across the United States. Here’s how:

Group Meal Ordering Simplified

Make group lunch ordering a breeze with Sharebite Stations. Prioritize your employees’ well-being, save time, and make a positive impact—all while enjoying delicious meals!

If you are interested in learning how to add Sharebite to your company or would like to schedule a demo and learn more about our platform and mission, get started here