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Fuel employees with meals they crave from their favorite local restaurants

Sharebite Stations is the leading group ordering platform built exclusively for companies. Serve in-office employees with delicious, made-to-order and packaged meals directly delivered to your office. Stations provides everything your employees want while saving you hours of tedious work. Bring people together with great food – maximum engagement, minimal effort.

How Sharebite Stations Works

Step One

The Solution That Works The Way Your Employees Do

Say goodbye to missed lunches and cramped meal breaks by avoiding busy restaurants and eateries with long lines, and wait times. Employees order exactly what they want from a curated list of local restaurants with rotating menus. Companies can easily customize allowances, days, ordering times, and location eligibility.

Step 2

Your Favorite Food, Delievered Directly

Sharebite delivers your customized and individually packaged and labeled meals directly to your office in a designated pick-up spot. So the entire office can enjoy their well-deserved lunches without the hassle.

Step 3

Your Superpower for Social Good

Give back and support your local community, one plate at a time. Every meal ordered on Sharebite's platform results in the equivalent of one meal donated to alleviate food insecurity in your community through partnerships with Feeding America and City Harvest.

The Power of Choice

Entice Employees Back to the Office

Food is the universal benefit. It’s a powerful way to entice employees back to the office. Employees can get meals delivered from their favorite local restaurants. Feeding your employees food they like is by far the easiest way to bring them back to the office with a smile. How do you satisfy every picky eater? Let employees choose what they eat.

Why Stations Is Right for Your Business

Streamlined Management, All In One Place

The Sharebite Dashboard is a smart space to view and manage your corporate account. You can assign allowance limits, view order data and receipts, track order statuses, and more.

Eat Delicious Meals Completely Stress-Free

Get exactly what you want without collecting receipts, obsessing over allowances, or waiting for reimbursements. Stations seamlessly links to your employees’ personal credit cards to cover any overages.

Say Goodbye to Food Waste

Employees order exactly what they want from multiple, rotating menus. Say farewell to leftovers and unwanted dishes.

Reducing Burnout Has Never Been More Difficult

78% of employees who take a lunch break away from their desk report an improvement in their job performance!

The Future Of Work Is Employee Well-Being

60% of employees would leave their current company for a comparable job and salary at a different company that offers free meals.

What if feeding your employees could help solve a humanitarian crisis?

Every meal ordered on the Sharebite platform results in a meal donation through partnerships with Feeding America and City Harvest.

Over 8 million meals donated to date!

Frequently Asked Questions About Stations

What is Sharebite Stations?

Sharebite Stations is the leading group ordering platform built exclusively for companies. Serve in-office employees with delicious, made-to-order and packaged meals directly delivered to your office from a variety of curated local restaurants. Stations provides everything employees would want while saving employers hours of tedious work.

How does Sharebite Stations work?

First, each employee receives an automated email inviting them to participate in the group order. Order windows typically start the day before and end two hours before delivery.

Next, employees review a selection of menus from local restaurants and place their customized meal order independently on the web or through the Stations mobile app.

Meals are prepared at each restaurant and delivered together, individually packaged and labeled, and placed in convenient pick up at your Stations shelving unit.

What are the benefits of Sharebite Stations?

- Convenience and Efficiency: Sharebite Stations streamline meal ordering and delivery within the workplace. Employees can choose from a variety of restaurant options without leaving the office, saving valuable time and effort.
- Enhanced Employee Satisfaction: By providing diverse meal choices, Sharebite Stations contribute to employee well-being and overall satisfaction. Happy employees tend to be more productive and engaged.
- Support for Local Businesses and Charities: Connect with hundreds of local restaurants while making a positive impact on the local economy and fighting food insecurity.
- Frictionless Integrations: Sharebite Stations seamlessly fit into existing office platforms such as Envoy, ensuring a smooth experience for both employees and administrators.
- Positive Brand Image: Offering Sharebite Stations demonstrates your company’s commitment to modern, convenient, and employee-centric solutions, enhancing your reputation.

Why choose Sharebite Stations for your company?:

- Flexibility: Sharebite Stations provide a wide range of dining options, allowing employees to order from curated local restaurants based on office preferences.
- Social Impact: Every meal ordered through Sharebite contributes to a one-to-one meal donation, addressing food insecurity in the local community.
- Modern and Innovative Image: By adopting Sharebite Stations, your company showcases its commitment to convenience, social responsibility, and employee satisfaction.

How do I sign my company up for Sharebite Stations?

Simply tap on the Talk to Sales button at the top of the page. Then fill out the short form and our team will reach out shortly to you to schedule a demo.

Manage Sharebite Stations On The Go

With our easy to use app you can browse and customize your daily lunch order directly on your phone. Plus you will receive convenient reminders and notifications, so you never miss an order and know when your meal has arrived at the dedicated pick-up spot in your office.

Who's hungry?

Bring Sharebite to Your Company and Start Eating Smarter

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