Sharebite: The Ultimate Corporate Food Delivery Solution

ultimate corporate food delivery solution

As the world of work evolves, so do the needs and preferences of employees. Today’s workforce values flexibility, convenience, and choice when it comes to their meals. Whether they are working from home, in the office, or on the go, they want to enjoy delicious food from their favorite local restaurants, without the hassle of ordering, paying, and expensing.

That’s why more and more companies are turning to Sharebite, the leading mission-driven food ordering platform built exclusively for workplaces. Sharebite is not just another food delivery app. It is a comprehensive solution that allows companies to provide food benefits to their employees, while supporting local restaurants and fighting hunger in their local communities.

Here are some of the reasons why Sharebite is the best corporate food delivery option for the workplace:

1. Sharebite is easy to use and manage

Sharebite’s enterprise-focused technology enables companies to easily integrate through its dashboard and provision employee food allowances across all levels of the organization, with hundreds of features that can be customized to each organization’s budgetary preference and compliance requirements.

Sharebite offers a variety of ways to order food, depending on the occasion and the preference of the employees. For example, Sharebite Stations allow companies to offer contactless food delivery for in-office meals, where orders are individually packaged, labeled, and placed in designated areas within an office. Sharebite Passport is a virtual payment card that allows employees to purchase meals at any restaurant or third-party delivery platform they choose, with rules set by the company. Sharebite enables companies to cover the cost of a single meal or multiple meals for employees or clients, whether they are attending a virtual event, working late, or traveling.

2. Sharebite is cost-effective and flexible

Sharebite helps companies save money and optimize their food budget by offering transparent pricing, flexible options, and smart recommendations. Sharebite does not charge any platform fees, hidden fees, or markups on food prices. Companies only pay for what their employees order, and can set limits and restrictions on meal allowances, such as time, day, location, and cuisine.

Sharebite also gives companies the flexibility to choose how and when they want to provide food benefits to their employees. Whether they want to offer weekly or monthly meal stipends, one-time or recurring group orders, or gift cards or vouchers, Sharebite has a solution for every scenario. Sharebite uses employee preferences and past orders to provide personalized suggestions and insights to help companies optimize their food program.

3. Sharebite is mission-driven and purposeful

Sharebite is not only a food ordering platform, but also a social impact platform that aligns with the values and goals of today’s companies and employees. Sharebite is committed to supporting local restaurants, especially during the pandemic, by providing them with a steady stream of orders and revenue, without charging them any commissions or fees4.

Sharebite is also dedicated to fighting hunger in the communities where it operates, by donating a meal to someone in need for every meal ordered on its platform. Sharebite partners with nonprofit organizations such as City Harvest and Feeding America, and has donated over 7.5 million meals to date. Sharebite’s mission resonates with employees, who feel good about ordering food that not only satisfies their appetite, but also makes a difference in the world5.

Sharebite is the ultimate corporate food delivery solution

Sharebite is more than just a food delivery app. It is a platform that helps companies provide food benefits to their employees, while supporting local restaurants and fighting hunger in their communities. Sharebite is easy to use and manage, cost-effective and flexible, and mission-driven and purposeful. Sharebite is the ultimate corporate food delivery solution for the workplace.

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