Why the Recipe For Workplace Productivity is Lunch

Two coworkers being productive at the workplace

Despite what many think, the key to being productive is not working late or powering through work days without taking lunch breaks. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A recent Wakefield Research study found that 97 percent of employees believe taking a lunch break improves their work day, with 51 percent saying it also helps them be more productive. Not taking a break to eat can lead to low energy and ultimately, burnout.

Yet 1 in 5 employees only take a lunch break 2 days a week or less – with 43 percent forgetting to eat because they are so busy, and 39 percent skipping lunch to finish their work as quickly as possible. Since that’s the case, it’s up to company leaders to set the precedent for employees to step away from work and eat.

As someone who spent a decade in investment banking filled with extremely long hours, our co-Founder and CEO, Dilip Rao, wrote this Forbes Business Council piece to share why it’s so critical for companies to make taking lunch breaks “the norm”. "As leaders, one of the most impactful company initiatives we can lead is building a culture that encourages employees to take lunch breaks. Because food doesn’t just fill stomachs, it can fuel entire organizations.”

So how can you cultivate a culture that feeds your employees and helps them avoid burnout? Find out in his article