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For Companies

Companies that partner with Sharebite save money, inspire their workforce, support local restaurants, and commit to helping the community.

Good companies feed their employees.
Great companies also feed their communities.

Feed Your Employees

Centrally manage your company’s food ordering program & employee allowances via Sharebite’s state of the art admin portal

Social Responsibility

Put your company's name on a charitable cause without paying an additional penny out of pocket

Shift Perspectives

Feed your employees, while feeding someone who defines hunger very differently, at the same time

Raise Awareness

Capture employee attention at a critical moment in their day — no memos required

Employee Allowances

Set different budget groups and ordering privileges for users based on company departments, roles, office locations, etc. All budget groups are set up during the corporate onboarding process, and can always be modified should changes be necessary.

Catering Concierge

Dedicated account managers are ready to provide recommendations or assist with your company's catered meetings or events. With real-time response time tracking, Sharebite ensures that you receive a reply within minutes, so you have the assistance you need, when you need it.

Group Ordering

Individually labeled orders that arrive together, from a list of specific restaurants preselected by a firm administrator. For company town hall meetings, or team break-out sessions, group ordering simplifies food ordering for everyone.

Contactless Group Ordering

Sharebite Stations
A dedicated pickup spot for Group Orders in your office or residential building. An easy, consolidated unit that takes all the headache out of staging orders and notifying employees when their order has arrived.
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For Administrators

For Employees

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