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Sharebite Passport

A virtual meal benefits card for the modern workforce

Sharebite Passport is a meal allowance given to employees in the form of a virtual Visa® card that can be spent at any food merchant that accepts contactless payment or delivery platform. Whether your team is remote, in the office, or hybrid, Passport gives you everything you need to create a five star meal benefits program.

How Sharebite Passport Works

Step One

The Solution That Works The Way You Do

Employees are given their own virtual credit card, backed by VISA along with a predefined daily meal allowance stipend. Within the Passport Mobile App, employees' personal credit cards are seamlessly linked to cover overages. Employees can easily be onboarded and will always enjoy 24/7, award-winning customer support.

Step 2

Your Favorite Food, Ordered Directly

Employees can order exactly what they want, when they want it from any eatery that accepts contactless payments or that has online ordering. Customize allowances, days, ordering times, and location eligibility.

Step 3

Your Superpower for Social Good

Give back and support your local community, one plate at a time. Every meal ordered on Sharebite's platform results in the equivalent of one meal donated to alleviate food insecurity in your community through partnerships with Feeding America® and City Harvest.

The Power of Choice

Entice Employees Back to the Office

Food is the universal benefit. It’s a powerful way to entice employees back to the office. Passport can also ensure both in-office and remote staff have access to the same allowances and meal benefits. Employees can easily order from their favorite restaurants—in person, online, or using any meal delivery platform.

Why Passport Is Right for Your Business

Streamlined Management, All In One Place

The Sharebite Dashboard is a smart space to view and manage your corporate account. You can assign allowance limits, view order data and receipts, track order statuses, and more.

Eat Delicious Meals Completely Stress-Free

Get exactly what you want without collecting receipts, obsessing over allowances, or waiting for reimbursements. Passport seamlessly links to your employees’ personal credit cards to cover any overages.

Anywhere Ordering for Hybrid and Remote Teams

Customize meal allowances and ordering times by department, cost center, location, or other criteria.

Retaining Great Employees Has Never Been More Difficult

61% of employees said they'd switch jobs for a similar opportunity with free meals.

Finding Benefits That Are Universally Appreciated and Utilized

33% of employees would rather have free meals than extra days off.

What if feeding your employees could help solve a humanitarian crisis?

Every meal ordered on the Sharebite platform results in a meal donation through partnerships with Feeding America and City Harvest.

Over 8 million meals donated to date!

Frequently Asked Questions About Passport

What is Sharebite Passport?

Sharebite Passport is a flexible and customizable meal benefit card that allows users to order food from a variety of local restaurants and eateries. It’s designed to make meal benefits more convenient, affordable, and impactful. Notably, every time a meal is ordered through the Sharebite platform, a meal is automatically donated to feed those in need through partnerships with City Harvest and Feeding America.

How does Sharebite Passport work?

1. Sharebite Passport is issued as a virtual Visa® card.
2. Users can spend their meal allowance at any food merchant that accepts contactless payment or has online ordering.
3. The platform’s flexibility allows ordering with UberEats, DoorDash, and other delivery services which in turn saves time for busy staff.

What are the benefits of Sharebite Passport?

- Time and Cost Savings: Sharebite Passport eliminates the hassle of managing multiple food vendors, contracts, receipts, and invoices. Set up your own budget, frequency, and preferences for employee meal plans.
- Increased Satisfaction: Passport gives workers more freedom to order what they want, when they want, and where they want. It enhances engagement and retention within their workforce.
- Support for Local Businesses and Charities: Connect with hundreds of local restaurants while making a positive impact on the local economy and fighting food insecurity.
- Enhanced Brand and Reputation: Showcase your business as modern, innovative, and socially responsible. Leverage Sharebite’s dashboard tools to track and measure your meal allowance program’s performance.

Why should my company choose Sharebite Passport?

- Flexibility: Sharebite Passport offers a wide range of dining options, allowing employees to order from practically any food merchant across the US.
- Exclusive Employee Perk: Employees enjoy employer provided meal stipend and end up spending less of their own money to feed themselves with Passport.
- Social Impact: Every meal ordered through Sharebite Passport results in a one-to-one meal donation to alleviate food insecurity in the local community.
- Modern and Innovative Image: By adopting Sharebite Passport, your company demonstrates its commitment to convenience, social responsibility, and employee satisfaction.

How do I sign my company up for Sharebite Passport?

Simply head on over to our getting started page and fill out the short form and our team will reach out to you to schedule a demo.

Can I add Passport to my digital wallet?

Yes. You can easily add your Passport to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

Manage Sharebite Passport On The Go

WWith our easy-use-app you can check your available spending balances, add your virtual Visa card to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, and even see how many meals have been donated on your behalf.

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